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About Me

Let my passion for travel make your travel dreams a reality.

Born and raised in Texas, I did not travel extensively growing up, except for maybe the occasional road trip, but my adventurous spirit was always there eager to see the world. 

After graduating from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) I knew that I wanted to travel and experience what the world had to offer as I continued on my journey through life.

I’m a wife and mom of a 7-year-old boy; luckily my travel buddy (aka my husband) shares the same sense of wanderlust as I do and we are always eager to seek out a new and exciting destination.  From Boston to San Francisco and Calgary to Cancun we’ve had some of the most memorable vacations.

I make it a priority to be knowledgeable about the hottest new destinations and accommodations in order to provide my clients with an adventure that will exceed their expectations.

Now sit back, relax, and make travel a Breeze!

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